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Dawid Muszyński
Investments and finance

Would you like expand your business horizons? Diversify your savings?

During the meeting you will learn among other:

  • Specificity of Bitcoin market behaviour
  • How to earn up to 30% profit per year on Bitcoin market
  • What cyclical phenomena affect the price
  • What is the future of Bitcoin
  • Why Bitcoin price was previously as it was and not different and what affected it
  • What problems are in front of Bitcoin
  • Where is Bitcoin used and perfectly serves as means for sending values from one country to another

In which way is Bitcoin affected by other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin – I share knowledge

To be honest, you are able to gain large part of my knowledge, which I can share on your own. There is one problem – it is very labour-intensive and requires extensive experience. Using ready-made, prepared and collected by me information you save your time and additionally – you get access to knowledge, which is not available to the public. I will help you understand certain aspects of how Bitcoin functions. I do not want to push on your business or on your investment decisions in Bitcoin. My offer is only sharing my knowledge about it.

I have been interested in Bitcoin topic already for second year. I have spent a lot of time looking for information about this cryptocurrency. This included both advanced research work on projects about Bitcoin, exchange rates and affect on rate fluctuations as well as observing how this new currency functions in Polish environment.

I am also interested in real estate, currency market, gold and securities market. I am interested in alternative blogs created against popular trends. They include among others texts, which can be found on dwagrosze.pl and independenttrader.pl.


Beata Janiszewska
Bookkeeping and Tax

  • You need tax interpretations (at individual pricing).
  • You trade in Bitcoin as a natural person and want to know how to account for the tax.
  • You run your business and want to pay contractors with Bitcoin or receive Bitcoin as payment.
  • Do you have questions to which you do not know the answer to?

Kuba Sienkiewicz
Bitcoin, blockchain and security

You will learn:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of wallets; Advise on choice.
  • Cryptocurrencies transfer fees.
  • How to save and invest with cryptocurrencies.
  • How to get cryptocurrencies.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Safety policy.
  • Privacy and security in network.
  • How to keep your privacy when using cryptocurrencies.
  • Mining.
  • Bitcoin technologies.
  • How to save information in Blockchain.
  • How to write applications on Blockchain.
  • The advantages of chain technology.
  • Why Blockchain is a unique solution.
  • Do you have questions to which you do not know the answer? We will answer.