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Are you looking for a company that offers individual and group training in cryptocurrencies? You are in the perfect place, because we have a team of specialists with well-established knowledge and experience in this field. We invite you to contact us and specify the subject of specific training. We will make a quick estimate and present you with a specific offer.

Our trainings are organized only on request, so that customers have a guarantee of an individual approach and full professionalism. We are open for cooperation and our trainings are conducted not only in Warsaw but also in other cities.

Bitcoin is our passion and way of life. See how little separates you from exploring all its secrets.

Types of trainings



- How do cryptocurrencies work?
- How to mine cryptocurrencies?
- Types of wallets and how to use them
- Altcoins


- Encryption
- Good Habits
- Asymmetric Cryptography
- Cryptographic protocols


- ICO Analysis
- Technical Analysis
- Fundamental Analysis
- Opportunity and Threat Analysis

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