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About FlyingAtom

FlyingAtom is a Polish exchange office dealing with buying and selling cryptocurrencies. We have been operating on the market since 2015 and enjoy an excellent reputation. In addition to trading activities, we also organize professional trainings as well as settlements and tax advice related to cryptocurrencies. We have several own offices and a network of representative offices covering all of Poland. Our goal is to provide customers with convenience, security and privacy when exchanging bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Our projects


The BitHub is Poland's largest informational and journalistic portal about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Whether you are just beginning your adventure with cryptocurrencies or you already have a lot of experience in this field, in BitHub you will surely find something for yourself. Our goal is to popularize and integrate the cryptocurrency community. By actively creating a portal on the subject we have the ability to provide you with always up to date content at the highest level. BitHub.pl is created with every Reader in mind. We are constantly trying to develop our site, and you can be sure that with time we will be adding new, interesting sections.


FlyingAtom.Gold sells physical gold, silver and investment diamonds. Our team consists of individuals with extensive experience in the precious metals and investment diamonds industry. Our investment offerings include gold and silver investment bars and bullion coins from world renowned manufacturers. Investment diamonds from our offer are certified by the best international gemmological institutes operating in the market. Each of the diamonds has a laser inscription, i.e. a micro-number located on the diamond's ronde, consistent with the number found on the certificate. This is currently the best security guarantee of a diamond's authenticity.


When we started our business as a cryptocurrency exchange, none of us thought about a store. Along with the rapid development of the main company, we decided to take a risk by opening the first store for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Poland. All the time we are working on increasing the available range and expanding the functionality of the store. Until this moment, we have an assortment of almost 500 different types of products related to the subject of cryptocurrencies, including hardware wallets.


As FAPL, we operate in the field of direct trading of crypto-assets with customers taking into account electronic communication and payment by bank transfers, with rules in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act of March 1, 2018. (the 'Act'). We are an Obligated Institution in this regard and apply financial security rules in accordance with this Act.

We support

FlyingAtom x Escola Varsovia

FlyingAtom has become a new sponsor of Escola Varsovia football academy and club! Escola Varsovia is a unique place on the Polish football map. Although the academy was founded in 2012 as a continuation of training for young graduates of Barca Academy Warszawa, which is the official FC Barcelona school in Poland, it is already one of the most important soccer training centers in our country. As part of the sponsorship agreement, FlyingAtom financially supports the club's academy and has purchased uniforms for Escola teams. Apart from supporting the whole team, FlyingAtom also gives individual awards to the best players on the field. FlyingAtom awards the best player in each game with a certificate and a 1-ounce silver coin. Additionally, at the end of the season, a committee consisting of club and sponsor representatives will select the best player of the round, who will be awarded a gold, 1-ounce coin.