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Cryptocurrency exchange office

At FlyingAtom offices you can trade from 1000PLN (not applicable for bitcoins). Besides Bitcoin you can trade Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Tether with a commission of 4.5% relative to the exchange price for transactions over 10 000PLN. For amounts under 10 000PLN there is an additional fee of 150PLN.

What we do?

Cryptocurrency exchange

With us you can sell / buy cryptocurrencies for cash in 12 Polish cities.

Gold / silver sales

Ability to purchase investment gold and silver and diamonds for bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs

Our Bitcoin ATMs can be found in major cities and their number is growing all the time.


Have you heard about cryptocurrencies and would like to know what it's all about? Wondering how bitcoin works or how to trade on an exchange? Are you familiar with cryptocurrencies but need specialized knowledge? Join us for training and consulting at any level.


Need a tax interpretation (individually priced)? Are you trading Bitcoin as an individual and want to know how to account for your taxes? Do you run a business and want to pay contractors in Bitcoin or accept Bitcoin as payment? Have questions you don't know the answer to? We'll answer them.


Do you need a hardware wallet? An original cryptocurrency related gadget as a gift for a cryptocurrency enthusiast? Or just looking for something for yourself? Take a look at our store! With us you will buy hardware/gadgets without any nasty surprises, we are an official partner of Ledger.


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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or others such as the less popular Litecoin, are still completely unknown to most ordinary people. Nevertheless, more and more business savvy people are realizing that buying Bitcoin is a good investment.
If you are an adventurous investor and are not afraid to invest money in risky businesses then no doubt buying Bitcoins is something for you. Bitcoins are also a great alternative to traditional foreign transfers. The main differentiator is the time it takes for funds to be credited. With cryptocurrency, funds will be in our foreign counterparty's account in less than 30 minutes. Another advantage is the low cost of making the transfer of funds.
An exchange is an area not only for managing cryptocurrency trading but also for exchanging observations and opinions on current market circumstances. Without verification under Polish law you can make purchases up to €15,000, for larger purchases you need to verify the client, Bitcoin exchanges and Bitcoin providers are subject to AML/KYC procedures. Bitcoin exchanges without verification are simply altcoin exchanges (alternative coins) which do not accept fiat money - PLN, USD, EUR, GBP. Users fund such exchanges with cryptocurrencies, wanting to play on an exchange without verification the easiest way is to first buy bitcoins, make a deposit to the exchange and then you can play on the cryptocurrency exchange.
Bitcoin AMTs - converts our cash into bitcoins, at the average exchange rate for that cryptocurrency and a commission of about 3.5% for bitcoins operated by FlyingAtom. This is the fastest and easiest way to buy bitcoin with cash.



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