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Welcome to our website created with passion for trade and Bitcoin. Thank you for visiting our website! This website is created by enthusiasts of unconventional currency solutions: we exchange popular currency such as Bitcoin. Since November 2015 we have office located at Zlota 59 street in Warsaw. It is a modern office building in the heart of the city. This location was chosen, because we want to gain the trust of our customers and create comfortable and safe atmosphere in our division. We have long-standing experience in handling large financial transactions and currency exchange, therefore we understand the importance of providing professional and expert service. Discretion is also our priority. You are welcome to visit our office 7 days a week. There is also possibility to negotiate cryptocurrency exchange rates individually. MORE


  • You will sell / buy bitcoin / cryptocurrencies for cash
  • You will sell / buy bitcoin / cryptocurrencies through bank accounts
  • We exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum. You can ask about other cryptocurrencies
  • You will gain or expand knowledge about Bitcoin
  • You will learn how to invest in bitcoin / cryptocurrency
  • You can easily start an adventure with Bitcoin
  • You will be advised how to account for Bitcoin / cryptocurrencies tax
  • It is possible to send / receive payment through post office / parcel locker
  • You will learn how to implement Bitcoin payments in your company easily
Other payment possibilities will be available soon:
  • You will sell / buy bitcoin / cryptocurrencies by western union, paypal (only purchase of btc), skrill (only purchase btc), okpay , webmoney, perfectmoney
  • It will be possible to receive money by BLIK or on mobile number


We provide professional trainings in cryptocurrency. Are you looking for a company offering individual and group trainings in cryptocurrency? You are in the right place! We have a team of specialist with established knowledge and experience in this field. You are welcome to contact us and specify the subject of specific training. We will provide a fast pricing and present an individual offer. We offer trainings, which are organized only on request, in order that our customers are guaranteed to be treated with individual approach and full professionalism. We are open to cooperation and our trainings are carried out not only in Warsaw but also in other cities. Bitcoin is our passion and life style. See how close you are from exploring all of its secrets. MORE
Bitcoins like other cryptocurrencies, can be earned online, bought on stock exchange or bought for cash. Until not long ago the last way of purchasing was the most troublesome to perform. Why until not long ago? Because in recent years more and more countries, including Poland (unfortunately only in Warsaw) introduce Bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin ATM allows to buy bitcoin. The process runs smoothly and fast and in order to deposit to our bit-wallet we only need smartphone and cash. After pressing “start” button we are asked to authenticate the transaction. We can do it by using individual password or easier by scanning on Bitcoin ATM QR Code assigned to our wallet. Next we enter the amount we want to exchange on BTC. Bitcoin ATM exchanges us cash to Bitcoins basing on the average world exchange rate of this cryptocurrency and charges us 5% commission. It is the fastest and the easiest way of buying Bitcoin for hard cash. Bitcoin ATM is reliable way of acquiring cryptocurrency.
How to purchase Bitcoins? Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or other currency such as for example less popular Litecoin are still completely unknown for majority of ordinary people. However, more and more people who know the business realise that buying Bitcoins is a good investment. How to trade with it? It is best to exchange ordinary currency to Bitcoin on Bitcoin stock exchange by using the buy and sell Bitcoin options. The whole process begins from creating an account on the stock exchange. After the account has been created we deposit it either with cash or Bitcoins, if we have any. If we want to buy Bitcoins we choose option ‘buy’ and this way we buy Bitcoin at the current exchange rate. If we want to sell cryptocurrency we choose option ‘sell’ and cash appears on our stock exchange account. After the sale we can transfer the money to our ordinary bank account.
How to buy Bitcoin? If you are brave investor and you are not afraid to invest money in risky businesses without a doubt purchasing Bitcoins is something for you. Bitcoins are also an excellent alternative to traditional foreign bank transfers. The main difference is time for accounting the money. Thanks to cryptocurrency the money will appear on the account of our contractor in less than 30 minutes. Additional advantage is low cost of the money transfer. Bitcoin exists since 3 January 2009, 19:15:05 UTC and many investors have already earned on it a lot of money. This cryptocurrency provides you great opportunities to earn, however purchasing Bitcoin is also very risky considering the big differences in changes of exchange rate of this currency. In order that the investment in Bitcoin is safe it is good to have a Bitcoin wallet. However apart from that you need to have an account in Bitcoin exchange office. In Bitcoin exchange office after depositing funds we choose option ‘buy Bitcoin’ and this way we become holders of indicated by us amount of cryptocurrency. One of the most popular forms of buying cryptocurrency is their acquisition on stock exchange, in exchange office or through „face to face” transaction. Next step is transferring Bitcoins to our Bitcoin wallet, which is the safest way to store them. From wallet we can transfer Bitcoins to other people and institutions.
Stock exchange is not only a place for managing sales of cryptocurrencies, but also a place to exchange observations and opinions about current events on the market. For this purpose a clear chat is made available, which main task is to support you in taking key decisions. According to the Polish law it is allowed to make purchase without verification in the value of up to 15.000 euro. In case of purchases for bigger value the client must be verified. Bitcoin stock exchange, Bitcoin exchange office are subject to AML/KYC policy. Bitcoin stock exchanges without verification are alcoin stock exchanges, which do not accept ‘fiat’ money – PLN, USD, EUR, GBP and users of this stock exchange deposit funds in cryptocurrencies. If you want to trade on the stock exchange without verification the easiest way is to first buy Bitcoin, deposit funds on the stock exchange and then you can trade cryptocurrency.