What is a cryptocurrency exchange office?

A cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most common places chosen by people who want to buy or sell their Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. While this is obvious to people who regularly use such outlets, novice investors often wonder what cryptocurrency exchange offices really are?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Offices are places that offer cryptocurrency exchange service. With them, you can easily sell cryptocurrency or buy it with cash. This is a convenient solution for people who do not want to wait for a transfer from an exchange or want to take care of their privacy. For transactions not exceeding the equivalent of 1,000 euros, you don’t have to go through an identity verification process.

How to prepare for a visit to a cryptocurrency exchange?

A visit to a currency exchange office does not require any special preparations. However, just in case, it is worth calling the chosen exchange office and making an appointment for a specific time. Thanks to this you won’t have to wait in a queue and additionally you will be sure that there will be enough cash at your disposal. This is important in case of larger transactions.

How are transactions over 1000 EUR handled?

According to current regulations, cryptocurrency exchanges must follow KYC and AML procedures. This means that for transactions over €1,000, the customer must be verified. Be sure to bring your ID card with you. Fortunately, the whole process takes a few minutes and once the verification is complete, the customer can sell and buy cryptocurrencies without any restrictions.

Are there any additional fees for using an exchange office?

Similar to traditional currency exchange offices, cryptocurrency outlets operate according to the current exchange rates. You can find them on the website or get them from an employee of the exchange office. For smaller transactions, an additional fee of 150 PLN is added. On the other hand, customers exchanging amounts over half a million PLN can negotiate the commission, so it is more profitable to do fewer transactions of higher value.

What else is worth knowing about cryptocurrency exchange offices?

New customers usually have a lot of questions, so it’s a good idea to review the information available on our site before visiting, as this will help speed up the transaction. It’s a good idea to think about your choice of cryptocurrency wallet in advance and learn basic information about Bitcoin. For regular customers of cryptocurrency exchanges, the entire exchange process can be reduced to several minutes, depending on how quickly the blockchain transaction is posted.

Find your nearest cryptocurrency exchange

You can find FlyingAtom cryptocurrency exchange offices in major Polish cities. Check the list of offices and the exchange procedure at Exchange BTC – Bitcoin exchange network – FlyingAtom.

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