What is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs are often referred to as “bitcoin ATMs,” which explains their function well, but modern machines also allow you to exchange other cryptocurrencies. Like traditional ATMs, bitcoin ATMs are self-service machines that make it easy to withdraw money.

The difference is that these are not funds from a bank account, but money that the customer received for their BTC. Bitmobiles work bi-directionally. This allows you to not only sell but also buy cryptocurrencies.

Key advantages of bitomats

Supporters of bitomats praise above all the ability to exchange money at any time. You don’t have to make an appointment in an exchange office or wait until the money is credited to your account. Just walk up to one of the many bitomats available throughout Poland and you can immediately start making transactions to buy or sell crypto. In addition, because bitomats are fully self-service, they provide a greater level of privacy.

How does the process of buying BTC in bitomat work?

Purchasing BTC from a bitmate is extremely simple and only requires some basic information. The most important is of course the address of the wallet, which can be scanned from the QR code. Then the customer must insert the appropriate number of banknotes (multiples of 100 PLN). After each banknote an information about how much BTC will go into the client’s wallet will be displayed. After inserting the last bill you just need to click Send Bitcoins and the funds will be sent to the wallet address given at the beginning.

How to sell bitcoins at Bitcoin ATM?

Selling bitcoin is as intuitive as buying. In this case, the customer starts by specifying the amount they want to withdraw at any given time (a multiple of 100 PLN). Then choose one of two authentication methods (SMS or email). The final step will display the address of the wallet that needs to be funded with cryptocurrency. The amount of BTC will be displayed on the screen. After sending BTC and booking the transaction the client will receive a code necessary to withdraw cash.

Find your nearest bitmachine

You can find FlyingAtom machines in major Polish cities. Check the list of machines and the exchange procedure at Bitcoin ATM Network – FlyingAtom.

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